Our services

We follow an individual approach
according to the latest injection techniques

TEKINJECT gives advice from project design, specific material selection, trainings and on-site assistance.
Our team consist of injection specialist with each of them at least 10 years’ experience in injection technology. We treat every project individually, and can support you to choose the most effective injection technology, with the most efficient material selection. Furthermore, we have people who can oversee the site activities, train your application team in doing the injection  the correct way.

Project design

We can help you create specific method statements according to the latest standards and injection techniques

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Material selection

Technique goes hand-in-hand with the correct material. Often a combination of materials is the correct way to approach a job.

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In order to perform injections, experience is key. We have loads of it and can teach you the correct way to do it, from project design with consultants to training your team on-site.

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On-site assistance

Special projects, need special circumstances. On-site assistance from our team can guarantee a successful end-result.

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We thrive on
high standards

Our injection materials are produced according to the highest standards, guaranteeing the highest quality.
Furthermore we support you to execute the projects at the highest service level: from project design to application, only the best will suffice.

Hight standards

We are a reliable company. We are proud of what we do!

Best quality

We are a reliable company. We are proud of what we do!

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